Is the Krugerrand a worthy investment?

Investment is always tricky. You want to grow your portfolio, but you don’t want to tie up so much of your money that you aren’t able to cover your monthly liabilities. Well, this is where Krugerrands offer the perfect reprieve. They will increase in value and always be on hand in the event that some unexpected expense arises.

Investing in gold is always a good option because the value is always increasing and it is highly sought after. There is always going to be a market for gold and recent financial reports have proven this to be true. While it is not necessarily an “Investment” so to speak, it is better viewed as a wealth preservation tool.

Introduction To Investing In Gold

Investing in Krugerrand will require finding a broker. When you find a broker you will simply pay them cash and they will award you with Krugerrand. There will be a small transaction free just like when you invest in stocks or bonds. The process is similar.

Krugerrand As a Safe And Easy Gold Investment Option

Investing in Krugerrand really doesn’t get much simpler or safer when you find the right broker. With the right broker, anyone can start buying gold right away regardless of their investment experience. However, finding the right broker will take some work and research.

4 Krugerrand Coin Options

Krugerrand offers a variety of unique investment options as it can be purchased in increments. Below, you will learn about the different options available to you.

1. Krugerrand 1oz

The first and biggest investment option that you have available to you is the 1-ounce coin.

Size And Weight

The coin weighs almost 34 grams with a diameter of 32.77mm and a thickness of 2.84mm. It also has an impressive gold content of 31.103

Who Should Buy This Coin

Anyone looking to get the biggest return on their investment or fully go into the market should consider this coin.

2. Krugerrand ½ oz

The second available investment option is the ½ oz coin.

Size And Weight

This coin weighs almost 17 grams with a thickness of 2.215mm and a diameter of 27.07mm. It boasts a gold content of 15.552.

Who Should Buy This Coin

If you are looking to really get into the market and turn up the heat the ½ oz coin is perfect for you.

3. Krugerrand ¼ oz

Another available investment option available to you is the Krugerrand ¼ oz coin.

Size And Weight

The diameter of the ¼ oz coin is 22.06mm with a thickness of 1.888mm. It weighs 8.482 grams with a gold content of 7.776.

Who Should Buy This Coin

Anyone that wants to be cautious, but a little more ambitious should consider the ¼ oz coin.

4. Krugerrand 1/10 oz

The last and smallest option that you have available to you is the 1/10oz coin.

Size And Weight

The 1/0 oz coin weighs 3.393 grams and has a gold content of 3.110. The diameter is 16.55 with a thickness of 1.35.

Who Should Buy This Coin

Anyone just testing the waters or getting into the market for the first time should invest in the 1/10 oz coin. This option is perfect for anyone.


As you can see gold is always a good investment option and the Krugerrand offers the perfect option. It allows you to build your portfolio while ensuring that you have liquid capital on hand at all times.

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